New cousin found

I actually found this a month or so ago.  This should make everyone smile and laugh.  I’ve been looking around on the genealogy site, (it’s free).  I’ve researched names, added names, corrected information, looked at census records, etc.  I also found a surprise!


4 thoughts on “New cousin found

  1. Cool !! We found some of my dad’s cousins on facebook. That made him really happy 🙂 even got to share some old pics.

  2. Hey Gabrielle. I don’t think you noticed, but the genealogy says that Jan is our cousin. So Carl married his cousin and their family tree won’t have many branches. And I’m sure just about everyone in Walter Community and Holly Pond are related to us in some way or another.

  3. Caron,
    The link is in Granville, NC in the mid 1700’s. Migration from there through Carroll county, GA, in the mid 1800’s and to Cullman county in the late 1800’s.

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