Life of Arthur Sutton

Mary recently (… 8 months is recent isn’t it?) showed me this booklet that our grandmother, Minnie Sutton, had created for our grandfather, Arthur.  Based on the last two pages, I’m guessing this was done some time between 1920 and 1923.  His birthday was in August, so perhaps a birthday present.  I’m guessing this time frame because the last picture shows 2 kids.  Helon (this is not a typo.  Dad told me multiple times that her name was spelled with an ‘o’ not ‘e’), their second child, was born on December 22, 1919.  Leldon, the third child, was born in August 1923.

For reference points it appears that they got married on January 18, 1914.  That would make Minnie 14 years old; one month shy of 15.  Arthur was 18 1/2.

The booklet has a page that says, “The first quarrel”.  It must have been some kind of quarrel if she had to mention it in the booklet.  I’ve included the earliest family photo that I have.  It has Minnie, Arthur, and Afton.  That is a boy in that picture.  My guess is the first quarrel had something to do with the way that kid was dressed.



Click the link below.  It is a PDF file.



Minne Gable Sutton, Charles Arthur Sutton, little Spencer Afton Sutton. Afton was born on March 28, 1917. Helon was born December 22, 1919. If Afton is 2 in this picture that would make it 1919.


Arthur and Minnie Sutton. Sometime in the early 1950s.


Arthur and Minnie Sutton. 50th anniversary – 1964


Arthur and Minnie Sutton with all of their children; Afton, Leldon, Walter, Ray, Rex and Helon. Early 1964 from what I remember. This is the only photo I’ve seen with the whole family.


Arthur and Minnie Sutton at Walter & Dorothy Sutton’s house; summer 1974. This is how I remember them. He passed away April 28, 1976 (81 years old). She died January 28, 1982 (almost 83 years old)

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  1. Like to see where the family looks come from 😉 Mom – did you know that Afton’s first name was Spencer? Is that the reason you named Spencer Spencer? I knew Rex came from Uncle Rex, but I have never heard that there was an uncle Spencer.

  2. Victoria…from what I remember, your brother was named more after the actor Spencer Tracy and it didn’t hurt that there was a Spencer named in the family.

  3. Actually their first son Cecil died at 3 days old. He was 8 weeks premature. That’s what grandma told me.

  4. I have seen the book. It is awesome. Enjoyed the pics. I realized we didn’t have any when the boy’s did their family tree project last year . These would’ve been great to add to it !

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