3 thoughts on “Happy 4-0 Birthday Victoria

  1. Thank you! It was definitely a rough one. Shannon was in the hospital for four days. The doctor was sure he had an iron disorder called hemochromatosis, but the liver biopsy came back negative. He’s got to get his iron down. His liver has some damage but it should make a full recovery if they can get his iron down. The day after he got out of the hospital Carilyne started getting sick. She had the flu. She just got over it on Saturday. And of course now I’m not feeling good. Taking care of the two of them has wore me out. And yay it’s officially tax season too! Please tell me 40s gets better because I’m ready to be 41 already 🙁

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Victoria. So sorry to hear all the bad news; I hope Shannon and Carilyne are feeling better. 40’s do get better; it’s when you hit 50 that everything goes downhill 🙂

  3. Jeez, Victoria. Hope everyone gets better. I’ll have to disagree with Caron. Everything unexpectedly got better for me (albiet Jan’s cancer) since 50. We traveled a lot. 40’s were better than 30’s, too.

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