DannyBoy and TonyTiger

These are our pets that we’ve had since July.  They are both about 6 months old.

DannyBoy is an Old English Sheepdog that we got in Indiana in July.  TonyTiger is an orange stripey kitten that we got in July from someone that found a mother cat and her kittens on the side of the road near Hanceville.

We no longer have Buddy the Sheepdog.  The older he was getting, the meaner he was getting.  We had gotten a kitten and had it for about 2 weeks before he ended up killing it because it got too close to his food bowl.  Buddy had major food aggression with anyone that got close to his food; any food.  95% of the time he was a great dog, but he had an evil side that could no longer be tolerated.  Buddy was euthanized by the veterinarian in July.  For us, it was anguishing but knew it had to be done before he attacked one of us.

I missed him a lot and the house was so empty without him.  I hadn’t realized how much a part of our daily life he was.  Within a week we found an a new puppy and drove to Indiana to get him; named him DannyBoy.  He is so, so, so different than Buddy.  He has zero food aggression and even shares his food and water with the kitten.  They play together all the time.

DannyBoy is a recent graduate of Doggy Training.


3 thoughts on “DannyBoy and TonyTiger

  1. I’m so sorry y’all had to put Buddy down. I can only imagine how hard that was. I can’t wait to meet DannyBoy & TonyTiger. TonyTiger looks like our cat, Rainbow. She’s mean though. She only loves Shannon

  2. So sorry about Buddy. The new puppy and kitten are very cute. We recently got an orange striped kitten. Her name is Claire. The Pugs thought she was an alien at first but now seem to have accepted her as part of their pack. She doesn’t take any crap from the dogs, wrestles with them like she’s a puppy, uses the doggy door, and occasionally jumps on the dog’s back and goes for a ride 🙂

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