New farmers

Jan and I visited Brian and Caron on their new farm, Sunday, July 29, 2018.  Brian bush-hogged a path around the perimeter of the property and we hiked it.  It’s a fairly strenuous hike up to the top of the ridge of the mountain. So be prepared when you visit and decide you want to see the back hill country.  Great camping areas up there, too.  We really enjoyed the visit.  Thanks for having us Caron and Brian.

Caron, I found out what the two mysterious plants are called:

trifoliate orangePoncirus trifoliata or Citrus trifoliata.


Maclura pomifera, commonly known as the Osage orange.  Also known as: hedge applehorse apple,bois d’arcbodarkmonkey ballbow-woodyellow-wood and mock orange


2 thoughts on “New farmers

  1. Glad you enjoyed the nature walk. I will still call those plants Rapunzel Plant because of those vicious three inch thorns.

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