Thanksgiving 2017 – Friday November 24th

Buddy the Sheepdog is in charge of keeping Carl’s Yard website up to date for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. He can’t type very well nor can he keep focused on what he’s supposed to be doing, but he’s a pretty good doggie. Thanksgiving will be at Carl & Jan’s new cottage this year on Friday, November 24th. We’re already here, so it doesn’t matter the … Continue reading Thanksgiving 2017 – Friday November 24th

House Construction update 3-08-2017

The house is nearing completion.  Over the past few days they had a bulldozer and bobcat moving dirt around the yard.  It doesn’t look like a construction site as much now. The bathrooms have been tiled, all wood flooring has been set (although not finished), and cabinets are in.  Next week they will install the counter tops.  The plumber should be in to connect everything … Continue reading House Construction update 3-08-2017