Thanksgiving 2019

  Thanksgiving 2019 was sparse this year with many faces we missed seeing.  This included Janessa, Don, Trey, Braylon, Victoria, Shannon, Carilyne, Macy, Candace, Lilly, Spencer, Victor, Andrew, the newlywed couple Cameron and Sam. I think we’re the only group that can say there were 30 people at Thanksgiving and say it was a sparse crowd. Others that came but missed the photo were Kaylee, … Continue reading Thanksgiving 2019

Life of Arthur Sutton

Mary recently (… 8 months is recent isn’t it?) showed me this booklet that our grandmother, Minnie Sutton, had created for our grandfather, Arthur.  Based on the last two pages, I’m guessing this was done some time between 1920 and 1923.  His birthday was in August, so perhaps a birthday present.  I’m guessing this time frame because the last picture shows 2 kids.  Helon (this … Continue reading Life of Arthur Sutton